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    Super People is a groundbreaking battle royale game that is looking to change the way you approach these titles entirely. Although many gamers are comparing it to PUBG almost immediately, some key differences make Super People worth checking out. Although the gameplay is a lot like PUBG, they’ve introduced a new mechanic known as “Super Soldiers”.

    There are 12 different classes of Super Soldier to choose from, and you’re randomly assigned one at the beginning of each match. You can spend 100 gold coins to randomize your class if you aren’t happy with what you’ve been given, and you earn these coins by playing the game. 

    Each Super Soldier has a set of traits and unique abilities that will set them apart from every other option. One character has an ability that allows them to dash over long distances with haste, while another offers up an airstrike. Racking up kills and points means you’ll have a chance at using your ability quicker than other players, which is where our Super People hack truly shine. There is still time until this game is being released, so you should try our PUBG hacks for the time being.


    The Crafting Systems

    PUBG does not feature a crafting system as you find here in Super People, and that’s another thing that sets it apart. While games like Fortnite force you to open chests and pray that you find the best loot, you can build some of the best items yourself in Super People.

    If you have the resources require and focus on crafting one item, eventually, you’ll max it out and have the best stuff in the game! Of course, by purchasing our Super People cheats you will have a easier time in obtaining these resources.


    Super Soldier Traits

    The traits are going to vary according to your class, and it also depends on what you pick up while playing. Some traits will make you more deadly while closer to water, and others will let you do more damage while on “rocky terrain”. Knowing the differences between these characters can help you win, but it’s also a key component to becoming a better player in general.


    Trait Capsules

    There are three types of capsules in Super People that can be picked up as ground loot, with each one offering a trait of the same colour (each Super Solider has three traits). There are also other capsules that give you a random ability for any colour, as well as a golden one that will automatically max out one of your abilities right away!

    Being able to find these upgrades as ground loot makes the game fair because everybody has a shot at getting them. While some people will be blessed with a golden capsule right away, others will have to gradually upgrade their traits throughout the game (and hope there isn’t a max-level Super Soldier waiting for you at the end). 


    Is it worth buying Super People hacks ?

    There are a lot of new things to learn and discover while playing Super People, and there are bound to be players who have figured everything out already. If you’ve never played PUBG in the past, you’re in for a treat, because the realistic combat is what frustrated people the most. When you use Super People hacks from Hell Engine, you don’t need to worry about running into skilled players. You can come home after a long day at work and still serve your opponent’s L’s as if you’ve been gaming the entire time. If you like to play GTA 5, you should check out the new Fivem cheats with aimbot we have released


    Super People ESP or Speedhack ?

    With the potential for riskier features like the Speed Hack, you’ll be completely satisfied with what we have to offer. There is never a lack of firepower when you work with us here at Hell Engine, and that’s because our tool is developed with quality in mind.

    Seeing enemies through walls isn’t a power that is available in Super People regularly, but our Super People ESP will allow you to see whatever you want. You can spot important enemy information (Enemy Info ESP) from far away and figure out if they’re worth pursuing, as well as find the best loot before you even have a direct line of sight. Finding optimal loot and enemy locations is the key to victory in Super People, and our software allows you to do that at will.

    super people esp

    Nobody can hide from you with this Super People Wallhack enabled, and if your Super Soldier is leveled up enough, you might not even have to activate the aim assist to take them out!


    Super People Aimbot is easy to configure

    Our customizable Super People Aimbot is equipped with useful features like Bone Prioritisation, Smooth Aiming, Auto-Fire/Aim, and even “Rage Mode”! When you don’t want to give your opponents a chance at fighting back, there’s only one way to approach your battles, and that’s with our aimbot enabled. The Anti aim function is vital in dodging enemy bullets by flipping your hitboxes. So basically, if an enemy tries to send your head off, then only your leg gets the damaged and vice versa.

    super people aimbot

    Super People has a lot of extras when compared to PUBG, but the gunplay in PUBG is superior in our opinion. Regardless, you can count on our Silent Aim to keep you lethal on your way to victory. 


    Secure your win with a private Super People hack from Hellengine

    Hell Engine is dedicated to providing our users with safe and reliable Super People cheat that can be used with peace of mind. You’ll never have to worry about your profile getting your account banned when you use our tools, which means all of your progress (and hard work!) is safe and sound. Purchasing access to our private Super People hack will not only grant you access to amazing features, but you’ll be able to confidently use them in both private and public lobbies. 

    super people hack

    Are you looking to make a change and finally become somebody to fear in Super People? Although the game is still growing and constantly being updated, you can count on Hell Engine for reliable & undetected software the entire time. Purchase yourself a month membership today and join the Hell Engine regime. 

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