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  • SCUM Cheats and Hacks that works in 2022

    Attain freedom and fame with our SCUM Cheats! Packed with Speed Hack, Unlimited Stamina, Ammo, Building Materials and Immortality, our SCUM Hacks are the perfect tool to take over the game. Only 2$ per day!

  • Game analysis on SCUM 

    SCUM has been released as an early beta in 2016. It is developed by a Croatian studio called Gamespires. It is a combination between battle royale and survival, very similar to RUST. The action takes place on an isolated prison island in which 64 prisoners are thrown in the middle of the action with each of them trying to achieve freedom and fame. The players can gather materials and build their own shelter to deposit their items, if you add a lock to your shelter enemies will not be able to break in so easily, a feature similar to RUST.

    SCUM has a BCU monitor system and perks build system. If you choose a dexterity build you will run faster, but you will not be able to pick up too many items. If you choose a strength build you will hit hard but will lack stamina. If you choose a constitution build you will be able to carry way more items and endure more damage, but you will be slower. Also, if you do not eat enough, you will have lower stats, if you eat something bad you can even die and lose the game. If you want to break free from those barriers we recommend our SCUM Hacks, and reach the peak in no time.  


    Why we are a reliable supplier for SCUM Cheats?  

    You should know that we hired a team of developers, especially for this game. We are aware of how much you love it and want to deliver the best SCUM Cheats possible. We brought to the table a brand-new injection method, which makes our tool completely invisible to any anti-cheat. In addition to top-notch security, we decided to sell it to you for the lowest price possible, you can purchase it for only 2$ per day.


    How do I join your SCUM Hacks community? 

    1. Create an account on our forum  

    This step is not completely necessary but it is advised to do it. This way we can help you out better, as we will have access to the payment and we can check what is going on. 

    2. Choose your favourite tool 

    You can check our store section for any tool you wish. We offer Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, Radar Hack and many more. Keep in mind that if you decide to buy in bulk you will get a discount. 

    3. Check out 

    Now that decided what you wanted to buy. You can check out via one of our payment methods. We offer all the payment methods possible. Once the purchase is done you will find your key on “My Keys” on the website. 

    4. Download the loader and follow the instructions 

    Follow the instructions for installation. Should you find them too difficult, feel free to contact any member of our support staff and they will help you out in no time. Once the installation process is done, all you have to do is open the cheat and enjoy. 


    Will I get support after buying the SCUM Cheat? 

    The answer is yes. You are eligible for your support service even before that if you post a topic in the forum on the pre-sales section. Once you purchase you get access to our full support service. Which includes answers within seconds, remote control help, account recoveries, HWID Resets and many more, and the best part is all of the above are free of charge unless other providers. Your happiness is our top priority.  


    Undetected SCUM Hacks

    As stated above with our unique injection method and hardcore development team, we managed to deliver Undetected SCUM Hacks with all the best features, Aimbot, ESP and Wallhack, Radar, Unlimited Stamina, Ammo, Building and Speed Hack. Details will be given below. 


    Complex SCUM Aimbot  

    Our SCUM Aimbot comes with all the best features, such as Unlimited Ammo, and No-Sway, which allows you to hold your breath for an indefinite period of time. Triggerbot, which shoots your target automatically once it is in the range of your crosshair. FOV Circle can be fully customized with any colour and size. Lock on which will hold your target on the enemy until it is dead. Prediction is great for hitting a running target. 


    The best SCUM Wallhack and ESP systems  

    The SCUM Wallhack allows you to see your enemies through any object, such as buildings, vehicles, mountains, shelters and so on. The Visibility Check shows if a target can be shoot through the wall or not.  

    The SCUM ESP is great if you are looking for any specific item, as you can select it inside the menu and only that item will be displayed. On the PVP side of things, you can see the distance, health bar, load-out, items, and names of your enemies. On the PVE side of the things, you can see loot boxes, materials, items and many more. 


    External SCUM Radar Hack 

    The SCUM Radar Hack works better than a wallhack. If the second one is limited by distance the radar scan the entire map and displays on your 2D map the location of everything you choose to see and the distance to it. 


    Game-breaking features Unlimited Stamina, Speed Hack, Immortality etc. 

    Here a few misc features will be named. Most of them are deemed unsafe and are recommended to be used with care. 

    Speed Hack – This can boost your speed from 1 to 9999 and is used with the press of a single button.  

    Immortal Mode – You take zero damage. 

    No Fall Damage – You can jump from the highest point and take no damage.

    Unlimited Stamina – You get infinite stamina and you can spam actions.

    Build without resources – You can build your shelter without farming any item.

    We recommend you to use these features with the fewest people around you as possible.   

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